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Chris and Candace are trying their best to raise their son in a loving household. When their intentions don’t go as planned, can they take the risk of losing their family, forever?

“Lost” takes an honest look at what it means to be present in the lives of those we love and care about. The film follows a family on a journey to love, acceptance, and forgiveness. The film premiered to a sold out theater at a local Midwest premiere and went on to be shown at film festivals around the world in 2017. The importance of this film rings more important now than ever. Now is the time for us to find ways to connect, forgive, and not get lost in things that don’t last. Can this family find that balance? Or is it too late?

Click here for a $5 viewing pass to stream the film now through April 13! 

Official Selection 
Gary International Black Film Festival
Official Selection 
Miami Independent Film Festival
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